Hopefully for those who remember from Friday, everyone is probably wondering straight away what happened Saturday morning. Did I get to Parkrun?


The bacon and sausage baguette’s I made were something else.

It’s Monday now, and its the stark realisation that in 6 days I’m running 10 miles for myself, for you guys and for the real reason, to raise money and I guess awareness for those underprivileged children and how genuinely fortunate and lucky we are to have what we perhaps see as luxuries.

My partner, who some of you may know who she is, has bought me a running vest type thing for me to use in the many events I’ve pencilled in.

It’s also my birthday on the 28th of this month. NOW if any of you are thinking of getting me a present. Don’t. I’d much rather you donate to my cause. You’d feel good about yourself. A good deed. Helping someone less lucky than you’ve been.

I’ve recently, much because of my venture this year, have got back into healthy eating and supplements. NOW I’m not a fitness or health guru but I like to think I know enough. If anyone wants me to share what I use and what I do, I’d love you to let me know as readers and I’ll do that.

I’d like to start to blog daily, but I just don’t know I have the content. The ability to keep people interested.

I can’t wait for this weekend. I have one or two friends running on the day too. As you all have read previously I’ll be live on Facebook on the route. For those who don’t have me on Facebook, I would urge you to follow my Twitter @maarktugwell. I’ll be livetweeting my way round. If I realise how to go live on Instagram, I’ll do that too. @marktugwell for IG.

My partner said about getting the hashtag #giveakidagift on my running vest. I’m not sure if she did in the end but hey lets hashtag it on the day. I wanted Vardy Party on the back. Not “appropriate” apparently.

GUYS, SOZ I realise this post might not have been as funny as all previous posts. But as always let me stress one last point. Yes, i’ll admit I say it a lot in my posts, but please share it, comment on it or on the Facebook link, retweet it or tweet me. Because as I always say, the knowledge and recognition from you guys that its being read and enjoyed keeps me going, makes me smile and want to do more and more. Really, honestly it does. So please do that.


There is the link to my Just Giving page. You know the story. Thank you.

Lets make a Monday not so bad. You’ll feel good about yourselves.


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