Hey hombres and whatever is Mexican for females.

I began this post yesterday, on Tuesday and I’m finishing it today.

I wanted to have a blog post for you yesterday but I found myself at 9pm watching the football after playing Call of Duty in my underwear for countless hours after work.

Work right now is SO enjoyable, I’m back at school learning some new English and Math GCSE work. I have my setbacks, somewhat hindering my progress in wanting to leave the army and be a normal person again capable of holding a conversation with a human who isn’t a moron. All this makes me massively regret not going onto further education and hitting university like a beaver building a dam.

Someone messaged me saying “your blog is funny, I didn’t expect you to have such a nice writing style” and I don’t know if thats an insult or not.

My hamstrings in my right leg feel awfully tight, its somewhat painful and I’m weary they’re going to tear between now and the end of my ten mile race coming up this Sunday.

I came to the conclusion Monday was the least humorous post I’ve ever given you guys. SOZ!

I’ve had some wonderful promises of some up and coming donations, so when they happen I’ll let errrrr’one know the good news. I’ve actually not had a single word back from Heart radio, the Folkestone Gazette and Dover Express. I’m hardly surprised, a bloke blogging and running to raise money isn’t exactly life changing news. It was a long shot I guess.

So today, I got into the gym this afternoon after work, got the legs moving and GUESS WHAT. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’ll be honest for a moment, recently, the last few months and maybe beyond, I’ve got lazy. It’s easy to do here. I just did a half hour spin session today, I can’t wait to get back tomorrow, throw some weights around the room.


My partner always makes me feel like I’m carved from a Greek God, treating me like a piece of meat at the smallest sign of a bicep. I’d like to actually have a bicep to give her. I’d like to actually make some sort of effort.

Guys, they say sharing the Just Giving page on Facebook is good for £10. Lets see what we can do.

Tomorrow I’ll show you what sort of supplements and alike I’ve began to use again. If you guys think thats what you’d like, let me know. If there’s something you want me to show you or talk about, do that too.



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