It’s Friday. I’m back on the train home from Shawshank Aldershot (Shawshank Redemption referral there, because being in the army is sort of like being a prisoner) back home.

This weekend, as I hope many of you are excitedly waiting for, brings my first “fun run”, a ten mile road race round Canterbury. YAY.

This weekend is also bringing a trip to IKEA tomorrow, which is equally as daunting. Go there looking for one thing and end up leaving with half a kitchen. We need a new bed, our one has broke. And NO before anyone asks.

Apart from this weekend bringing those two things, more importantly of course, my “fun run” and the opportunity to raise some serious funds from kind people, It’s also Donald Trump’s inauguration. Christ.

Not primarily what this blog is for, but I’m going to touch on the fact I’m going to seriously miss the Obama’s and I feel the World, not just the United States of America will be a poorer place without them in power.

In my opinion many people, American’s mostly, refuse to acknowledge just what Barack Obama has done during his tenure. (Bet those of you who know me well didn’t think I’d know a word such as tenure.) He’s done so much, not only for his country, but for the rest of the world too.

He’s battled healthcare in America and introduced Obamacare. Fought gun laws and gun crime across the country and battled the unemployment rates.

He also bloody only went and found Osama Bin Laden. WALLOP.

I have something else I actually want to blog about, I think I’ll do that one a little later this evening. I actually hope this post is well received and read as always before my second later on.

As usual. You can do something good today, on a sunshine filled Friday and donate to my cause, leaving a good feeling for yourself that you’ve helped someone less fortunate than yourself.

You can leave a donation here; http://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/giveakidagift

Please, I love to see that people are enjoying my posts, reading them too. Share, comment, show your uncle and even that bully you used to hate. Retweet and all sorts. Do whatever you can, whatever you want to do. It all means the world to me. I feel like I say this all the time.

Cheers Barack.


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