Agony. I am in Agony.

So, yesterday, Sunday was my first “fun run” of the year and I threw myself in the deep end starting at ten miles instead of gently doing 5km.

As I told you all a few posts ago, I really hadn’t prepared or trained for this. I also promised you all I would be livetweeting my way round. I quickly realised I couldn’t do this, because a mile into the event, I realised THIS post I placed was so very true.screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-18-54-57

I was two miles in when my legs started to scream at me, which I’m used to. Every run you ever do in the army and I guess normal daily life is always tough until 3(ish) miles where your legs settle into a stride.

Three miles was our first water place where lots of volunteers launch a cup of quarter full water for you to do what you want with. It was at this stage I was starting to get comfortable and actually enjoy myself. I was in my stride and live on Facebook for the first time.

Throughout the run, I went live on Facebook four or five times. I could easily do this, tweeting was out of the question. The feedback, support and errrr’thing I received while going live was beyond anything I expected. Thank you.

Six miles in, on another long and foggy country road on the way to Bekesbourne, a lovely old lady stood at the end of her drive with the biggest tub of Jelly Babies for runners to take one from on the way. I misunderstood and grabbed the whole tub.

I went live twice more before I found myself a mile from the finish. I set out, although I’m not sure if i told you guys, that I wanted to finish this event at anything under an hour and a half.


Wallop. 663rd. 1 hour 27. I was also over the moon and excited when I arrived and my running number was 808. Kanye West knew.

I crossed the finish line to my friend Sophie’s huge hat. I took my trainers off and the wet, cold floor was beautiful. My girlfriend and our friend Becki, who you guys have seen here once or twice, the one who donated met me with a plain quarter pounder with cheese burger, smiles and pride. THANKS.

We all began to agree that if I actually begin to train and take this seriously, I could do some serious damage to some run times.

ALSO the fastest time was 52 minutes. What. The. Fuck?! Who runs ten miles, at five minutes mile pace the whole way? Freak.

The event, my performance and alike lead me to this, which I genuinely believe. I’m not being a sarcastic twat like normal.


I got a medal which I’m super happy about because I’ve not had a medal since my childhood days of pretending I was the fat, original Ronaldo at tournaments.

So, right now I’m in bed at work. In pain but I wouldn’t take the pain away from what I’ve began to achieve.

Thank you all for your support, funny comments and everything else you’ve all been doing, you definitely all know who you are.

It’s nearly payday for everyone. So, if anyone can be kind enough to donate to my cause now, or at any time. I would be greatly appreciated, it would change so much. Thank you for your consideration, your time to read my stories and your kind or hilarious comments.

Whatever you do, be it a comment, a share, a donation. Anything, it makes me feel so happy. I can’t fully comprehend or find the words to get my point across.




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