BirthYAY. 🎈

Once again, I’m writing a blog post on the train home from another week away at work. Last Friday I told you about how I’d been on an English course for the past two weeks, enjoyed it and that it had strengthened my passion to leave this “organisation” and become the best teacher I could.

THIS WEEK, I started a Mathematics course. I’m bloody enjoying this too. My brain is slightly fried though. It’s amazing how much your memory actually keeps from school. I still knew what Pi is for example, however I did chuckle to myself because “Pi” took me back to “Educating Essex”, anyone remember that on Channel 4? The blonde chick who says “What is Pi, like, where did it come from?!” Bare hilar.

Pi, area and perimeter, graphs, you name it, its somehow all been crammed into 5 days so far. Christ, I’m sure they used to be one topic a term during school. I also found a way to find the area of a quarter of a circle that even the teacher was like “how the fuck have you done that?!” So I don’t know whether I’m smarter than a ten year old or not.

I’m 26 this weekend. *cries*

I’m excited to see what the ginger woman in my life has in store for me. I heard a rumour we’re going to watch the Chelsea game tomorrow.

So, this week it took me until Wednesday to properly be able to walk again and get back into the gym after the Canterbury ten miler, I decided to get the legs moving again just on a spin bike, threw a few weights around the room and you know, the usual manly thing that I’m really not accustomed to. I’m in the Army, but I don’t know the first thing about bleeding a radiator or anything. I can plait hair though so, swings and roundabouts.

Deal half marathon. Shall I do it? Let me know what you guys think. I think it would be a laugh, obvs I’m gonna take it with the exact same level of seriousness as the Canterbury ten, just turn up for the craic and see what happens.

I’ll be honest, I mentioned a few posts back, I want to train again, and I’ve begun to use supplements again. I also said, its easy to get lazy in the Army, which I have, so, chucking weights around and running, spinning again joined together with protein and vitamins, correct eating and a few of the correct pills, I’m really already seeing a difference. I have some definition again somehow and I look somewhat leaner, so thats exciting to see what happens the further, longer I go.

It’s the end of the month and January seems longer than the whole of 2016, where the fuck is payday?

As you all know, I’m doing ALL this for underprivileged children. Things we do or have that we take for granted, Christmas mainly. I think, me included, we take Christmas time for granted, we have presents under our trees, glorious food on our tables and wonderful loved ones to enjoy the time with us. But some children don’t have the luxury of one, or even any of those things. I think thats sad. I realised that this year. So, as you know, unless you’re new here, that’s why.

If you, anyone, can spare even £2 throughout the year, now, later, anytime. That’s huge to someone who has nothing. £2 could be whatever gift we could use it for. The more money we raise together, the more gifts can be purchased and shared.

Giving to me and seeing what difference it makes to someone else should put a huge smile on your face. A warm, fuzzy feeling. A good deed done. Doing all this, to me, it’s fun. The blogging, the raising money, the running. It’s fun. I wouldn’t be able to do it without you, the readers, the donators. Thank you.

What you can, please.

Have a nice weekend. Wish me a Happy Birthday obvs. Donate instead of giving me a card.

All the best.


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