I had the best birthday ever AND I had a donation. Claire donated £40. So, Claire is my sisters, husbands sister. I know I’ve probably fried your brains with that fact. So I’m at 8% of my target now.

My girlfriend bought me a FitBit, which obvs ties in well with all my running and fitness I’m doing now with this lovely cause I keep telling you about and begging you all to read my posts or donate to my cause. I’m obsessed with it and the app on my iPhone. I’m logging all my food and water intakes, that’s how far I’m taking this.

It makes me even more motivated to get a sweat on after work instead of just getting into my underwear and playing Call of Duty until my eyes bleed.

So, my left foot is still causing me aggravation, which is annoying because I want to sign up for the Deal half marathon. It’s kind of easier today though. I feel like an old man on it sometimes. “It’s the cold air”.

I’m going to do the Dymchurch 10k as well. We all know why. TRAINS BITCHEZ. The Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch miniature railway is a safe haven to me. I spent most of my childhood there, breathing in the steam locomotives and YAYing whenever one would sound its exciting whistle.


I’ll be honest. I’m not going to bore you today. I don’t have anything “fitness” or “running” related to share with you.

All I am going to say is this;

We’ve all been paid, so, I’m going to kindly beg anyone who feels compelled to do so, to share this post, to share my JustGiving page, to visit it, donate if you feel like you want to. I know I’ve said it countless times already, but it would make you happy to see what you could do for someone less fortunate and lucky than we all are.


Thank you. See you in a few days I hope.


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