I’m back, it’s been a month or two, but I’m back with exciting news in tow!!

Why have I been away?

Well, I’ve been struggling to find a need to write, and I didn’t want to write just for the sake of it. But now I have some big news. Lots of news.

Firstly, lets start with what happened on Good Friday, a new road race “fun run”, the Folkestone ten miler. HIDEOUS. Not once did I really enjoy it. I found it far too flat, meaning the whole way round it was working practically just one muscle group. I think I left my calves somewhere around Sandgate at the three mile point and I still haven’t picked them up.

I was expecting it to be a quick race seeing as it was a flat route, but I was 4 minutes slower than my previous ten mile road race in Canterbury in January.Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 10.24.56

Next news? OKAY!

I’ve teamed up with a company called “TeamLeanCuisine”. Now, let me tell you about these guys. These are a private owned business company in the early stages of being bigger than Kanye West. It is ran by James and Sarah, of which James is a soldier like myself, he’s a medic so James runs around like the bloke from Hacksaw Ridge giving it ten men. Together they are something of a health and wellness guru team.

They pride themselves by saying “inspiring everyone to live a healthier, more maintainable way of life through nutrition, diet and fitness”. Taken from a small extract of what they can offer, you can expect as a client;

  • Online coaching
  • Fat loss plans
  • Recipes
  • Product reviews and comparisons.

At this moment, the service they are offering is a six week fat loss plan at the cost of £30. Designed to give you advice and the tools you need to kickstart you on your way to greatness. The plan contains nutritional advice alongside a personal, tailored workout program.

ANYWAY, Sarah and James have taken me on board and have sponsored me for the year. So, you’ll see me over there at Team Lean Cuisine, and you’ll see them here and on my social media platforms over the coming weeks and months.





Lol at me, I’ve took this running stuff a bit too far and accidentally signed up for the Brighton Marathon next year. Granted, I was hungover and in bed when I did this but it’s still done.

I’m taking this super seriously, which is very much not like me. I’ve got a year to train, I’m envisaging myself being a machine, like the red power ranger but wearing pink because pink is better. I was anything quicker than three and a half hours.

So, with all that being said, I need to get my bum into gear.

Guys, until next time, which I think will be a lot sooner than this one has been I’ll leave the link to the Just Giving page for those less fortunate than us.


Thank you and have a great Easter.


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