As I sit here in my room at work in my underpants, watching Real Madrid v Barcelona with a “damme cold” Coors Light bottle with the mountains viewable on the bottle, (These small details are how I know my drink is correctly chilled) I’m both terrified and bloody excited for me to die in next years Brighton marathon after the London marathon today.

I was working today. I KNOW, who works on a Sunday in 2017?! I was working today so I’ve relied on Twitter for some touching moments during todays marathon.


The Swansea Harriers legend’s name is Michael Rees. He sacrificed his run time to help the Chorlton runner get through the last 200meters. His name is David Wyeth. If you haven’t seen the footage yet, I suggest you do. Have you ever seen the film Bambi?


Before David is reached by the Welsh legend, he looks like he’s rehearsing for his audition to play Bambi at the upcoming Bambi Live at Drury Lane. It is genuinely uber funny AND an uber heartstring moment.

I shouldn’t laugh, Lord knows what state I’ll be in when I attempt Brighton. Hopefully I’m more The walking dead than Bambi.

Someone from work ran today and I bumped into him attempting to climb the stairs to his room a few hours ago.

So, we’ve been going to the gym daily and I’m lifting more than I ever have before, so thats a start in itself. I’m going to start implementing cardio tomorrow too. It’s given me the bug.

I fucking hate the people who talk about gym and gym only, the type of person who has crossfit tattoo’s and marries a dumbbell. The type of person who has the social aptitude, the social skills of a fucking daffodil. They’ve got muscles the size of a pumpkin on Halloween but sound like Woody the Woodpecker.

Anyway, I basically just wanted to have my two cents on todays London Marathon, so I’m going to put my Star Wars battle lava lamp on, get into my Calvin Klein loungewear and fester into a pit of despair that tomorrow brings Monday.

Keep it real!


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