Back with news!

So today is Tuesday the 25th of April, obvs! Today, Macmillan Cancer Support invited and accepted me to run for them on their behalf for the Brighton Marathon 2018. *Insert Minions jumping up and down GIF here*.


This means I get a super green running vest and I get to join Team Macmillan, their elite runners. What scenes. Apparently they mean every Thursday for pints and tacos.

So, that’s exciting. ALSO.

I thought it would be uber legendary/hilarious/inspiring/idiotic to do the London Marathon a week later, so, I’m in the debating process at the moment. 52.4miles in two,  seven-day bursts.

So, just as a little bit of background history for those who don’t know about Macmillan, or even why I’m running for them? Well, they’re diamonds for a start, the personnel I’ve spoken to on the phone to get this deal over the line (I sound like a professional footballer on transfer deadline day “getting the deal over the line”) are lovely and so thankful and supportive. Also, as a charity and personnel, they’ve done huge KFC bargain buckets of helpful things for my family when my old man was kicking cancer in the crotch before cancer won 2-1 on aggregate.

I’m looking forward to working closer with them over the next 12 months, if anything, it’s going to be emotional and a giggle.

Going to go for a run tomorrow afternoon and start clocking my weekly miles up, be interested to see how many miles I can get in a week, a month and obvs between now and the marathon itself!

I don’t think I have anything else to say.

I haven’t quoted Ellen in a while, but…

Be kind to one another, bye.


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