Its the weekend.

EVERY weekend I say the same thing; “I’m going to do Parkrun tomorrow morning.” However every Saturday morning arrives and I’m in bed watching Sky Sports while I’m laid next to what I can only describe as someone* snoring as loud as that T-Rex roars right before he rips that man out of the shitter in Jurassic Park.

*She’s actually stunning.

This weekend, I’m going to genuinely make a conscious effort to try to get to Parkrun BUT bare in mind readers, the following.

  • This weekend marks our two year anniversary.
  • I fully expect at least a bottle of wine tonight.
  • Snow.
  • Cold.

It’s also important to realise that a week on Sunday is my first event. A 10 miler round Canterbury, which for those of you who know the area well, the route takes you to fucking Bekesbourne. Imagine sitting on the train from Bekesbourne to Canterbury East. Terrifying to think about running that at some point during the 10 miles.

You’re probably thinking “Yeah, but why is the featured image for this post a screenshot of a WhatsApp message?!”

Well, I want to thank everyone for their kind comments of support, comments of how they are enjoying the blog, the views, the shares, retweets and anything else you and your crew’dem might be doing. I also promise thats the only time this year I’ll use a word such as “crew’dem” because I’m writing this on the train back home for the weekend and I nearly just bump sicked over a businessman’s figures for the week.

I had an idea earlier while I walked to the train station. Multitasking I was, you see. I thought I could just email things like the Folkestone Gazette, Dover Express, KMFM and Heart radio, sharing with them my story and such other things, in the hope to get my story and idea out there with an interview or something. Anything that gets this blog more reads, and gets the kids at the end of the year more gifts to smile about.


I’m kind of a big deal on Twitter, but I don’t quite understand what to do on WordPress in regards to followers, getting my posts seen and read, connecting with people and so on. Of course there are tags to include onto your posts, which I do.

Guys, as always share the shit out of this post, comment to tell me you’ve read it. That keeps me going if I’m honest, the knowledge its actually being received and read. Comments here, Facebook, tweet me or even just text me. It’s all good.

But above all. Don’t forget, even if its just £1. Please help me and children out this year. I know it will make you feel good inside, smile and do a cartwheel out the office, or into the office.

Have yourselves a proper wicked weekend, I’ll be back Sunday or Monday to let you all know if I managed to reach Parkrun or if I had a bacon, sausage and egg sandwich in bed.


Tuesday, the new Monday.

What do I do?

Not a fucking lot.

I’m meant to do fitness at least once a day. However, like I previously mentioned, Call of Duty, some crap TV or just choosing I’d rather trim my grandad’s nose hair than do anything remotely strenuous takes priority.

I live behind barbed wire, genuinely quite literally. Yes, I have a gym practically on my door step, probably around 47 steps away from my front door, but thats effort. Which brings me to want to strain the fact to you that you really should make sure you’re following me on some sort of social media to have a right good giggle when I’m in the middle of an event and I’m struggling to move my legs in the same way Gordon Ramsey struggles to string a full sentence together without including 8 expletives in a 5 word sentence.

I do have apps on my phone aimed at fitness, health and well being though BUT before I go on, please let me say something.

I’m actually writing this blog post to relieve some stress and try to relax, smile and calm down. I’ve had what I would describe as an awful day today AND I really want to go to the gym and throw some weights around the room BUT effort.


I refuse to pay for an app, and there are some wicked sticks free apps available capable of making you do excited cartwheels.

If you’re looking for a run tracker, I love Strava, it logs your progress and links to your social media accounts. It can be used with cycling too if you’re the type of person who doesn’t eat meat.


I’ve realised Joe Wicks and his shit cockney accent is a great way to do some body weight exercises and all his classes are on YouTube. I’ve found myself doing a couple of those because effort to leave my room.


Another running app, if you want to add a bit of fun to your exercise is called “Zombies, Run!” and through your connected headphones (or not if you don’t have headphones connected) takes you through a story the further you run. The further you run, the further you get in the story. BUT there are lots of stories so its not repetitive and it can actually be super scary. You’ll be obvs chased by zombies, and if the app senses you’re slowing down, may jump the zombies closer to you, which you will hear and need to act upon.

There are lots of “7 minute work out” apps, but I like the tried and tested “30 day challenge” where you can choose between push ups, sit ups, squats, crunches and so on. You can do them all at the same time if you’re the type of person who likes to be near death day in day out for 30 days.

I don’t know anything about health, fitness or eating right, but someone who does is a close friend of mine. Nicco Di-piazza is leaving the army soon and in the process of being a Personal Trainer ready for a life of freedom. He knows his stuff and won’t mind me saying, he’s absolutely stunning, genuinely.

He’s vlogging to help and aide anybody, and also has a Facebook page for all your personal trainer needs. He used to be a chubby gamer who made YouTube videos back in the day, so he knows his way around vlogging.

He doesn’t have a Twitter, which I find terrifying.

Guys, I actually don’t think I have anything else to say. If you’ve got this far, I worship you. If you somehow DID get this far, it would mean the world to me to know that you did. Comment on this blog post at the bottom, let me know on the Facebook post or tweet me.

@maarktugwell if you don’t already follow me.

I’m not Ellen DeGeneres but “be kind to one another, bye.”

Give a kid a gift, make someones day, make your own day. Do something you wouldn’t normally do.

A Sunday update.

Evening kids.

So I’ve found more events that are extremely near to where I live. But I actually know there are more, so if anybody can help me with websites to use or places to look to find events, that would be helpful.

I’m aware of the Ashford 10k, and the Deal half marathon in February.

March I’ve found Canterbury 10k and also Dymchurch on the same day, so I’ll decide one of those.

Folkestone 10 miles in April. And the Brighton marathon, I might look at that.

After April, I’m lost and blank, so like I said, if anyone knows where to look. FNX.

I’m using if anybody knows other websites, throw them my way.

I’m sure Dover has one somewhere.

Don’t forget guys, follow my Twitter @maarktugwell for live tweets through my events, laugh with me or at me.

ALSO don’t forget that if you can, even a pound, please put a smile on your face, mine and a child somewhere by donating to my cause.

I need to find what some people call “the gym bug”. Of course its my job to be physically and mentally fit, but I don’t have the motivation to go for a run or to the gym when we aren’t forced to during the working day. I need to push myself to do it in the evenings or mornings. I just always find myself either in my Star Wars boxers playing Call of Duty in a dark room or pretending I’m Batman.

I actually write this (while obvs wearing Star Wars boxers and watching the football) thinking, is anybody actually reading this? Does anyone care or like my idea? I know I said I’m not expecting to even raise £100 let alone the ballsy figure of £1,000, but I’m so passionate and fixed on doing some good this year.

I hope some of you out there think the same. Do some good this year. Make a childs day. Make your own day.


Where and when?

As they say in France, le blog post number two.

So, I’m going to tell all you lovely people where and when my first “fun run” (yes, I’m going to put those words in inverted commas every time I utter them.)

So January the 22nd is the Canterbury 10 mile road race and I’ve entered myself. It’s important to note to you all that I have also found and interested in entering what feels like nine million other races, so your money won’t be going to a one time thing.

Speaking of money, my top drawer friend Nikki Gill (who has donated and made me cartwheel) made me aware that yesterday’s post didn’t include my Just Giving fundraising link. NOW, I’m going to be honest here. I was aware of that fact, I also A; forgot and B; kind of have no idea yet what I’m doing and how to use this WordPress and blogging malarkey.

Also, my old friend and holder of some of my most fondest young adult memories Anna Wolfram has promised to sponsor me £10 for ten months, which helps me get to the goal I really wanted of £100 before I’ve even begun, so if anybody see’s her over the coming months, high five her.

That just leaves me today with two more small things (I think).

To thank Becki Mckeown and Sophie Palmer who along with Nikki and Anna have also joined the donation train.

And finally to put the link for the Just Giving page here. Please give it a look to read the story on there, even if you don’t donate. A share on any social media site would mean the world to me. Lets get this to China.


What and why.


Grand. Its working. I’m Mark a 25 year old cool kid from the UK (most of you reading this are thinking “bellend, we know that”). I’m a current serving British Army soldier, which personally I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

So, why a blog? WELL I’m glad you asked tiny voice in my head.

I’ve recently realised, in the nicest way possible, I don’t care what is under my Christmas tree at that time of year (the pine needles hurt my feet) the thing that really matters to me is spending time with friends and loved ones, having fun along the way and trying to any dog thats in the house an extra bit of stuffing when nobody’s watching.

But there are children in the UK, and everywhere for that matter who are far less fortunate and privileged than I have been, who don’t even get to wear a smile on Christmas morning. So I thought I’d see what little thing I could do, to maybe make one child smile for even a minute. If I can do that, then what I’m about to explain to you would be classed as a success for me.

So I thought about raising money throughout the year by doing many, many “fun runs” and other such activities such as 10KM, 10 miles, half marathons etc both local and far away.

I’ll be live tweeting my hilarities throughout each activities, which will enable you guys to keep up to date with how close to death I may be. You can find my Twitter at @maarktugwell. I’m bare hilar at the best of times, so give it a follow.

So, if I can make myself sweat and hurt as much as possible through the year, and give a big amount of money to children for gifts at Christmas, its a decent success, right?
I don’t expect to genuinely raise £100. So, anything will make me run up the Eiffel Tower sideways with happiness.

For now, I’ll leave it at that, so I don’t repeat myself nine times. Don’t be bored.

Lastly, please give a kid a gift.